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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Doozie I tell ya...

Sometimes life throws you for a loop.  For me, that means a lot of God stuff.  It means I have to lean in hard to Him and trust that, in the words of my pastor, Greg Surratt (Seacoast Church), I need to "not lose faith in the end of the story."

2016 was a very rough year for my family and I.  Divorce, a move and crazy immediate family drama are all part of the storm that I have traveled through in the last 365.  It's been hard and it's been sad and it's been yucky and it's pushed me to be all in with God or hang out on the fringe.

It's funny how when you are all in with anything, it goes a lot better than when you give it a half-assed effort. :)  Most days...well at least 75% of the time I've been all in but I've noticed the last few months I've been skating on the edge and it's been tough.  Yesterday's sermon was a great reminder to get back in the game.  Part of that "game" is this blog and you guys and my profession that I love.  So, here I am!  You will start seeing me again every Friday for sure and I am working on other ideas for posts during the week.

But for today, if you are still reading...go easy on yourself.  Don't lose sight of the end.  Good or bad story, you will make it!
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