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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tell All Tuesday...on a Saturday! My Dream Classroom!

Back at the beginning of the summer I happened upon this fun blog post from Teach. Talk. Inspire. about sharing your teacher life.  I planned to post at the beginning of the summer about my teacher bucket list but somehow it never happened and summer did and I forgot about it.  Well, I found the cute blog again from my linky party with Doodlebugs and loved the topic!  I know it's supposed to be posted on Tuesday but the link party closes tomorrow so I need to do it today! :)
So without further are my Dream Classroom plans!

Being a Montessori teacher means that there are specifics when it comes to how you set up your classroom, how much color you use, which materials you include, etc.  My team was moved from portables behind our building to classrooms in our building this summer so we are starting over from scratch.  We have a smaller space with very little storage so that is a challenge.  But I am determined to look past that because it ain't gonna change! :)

The first thing I want to add is a tree!

I'm loving these ideas and working on how I can make one happen in my room!

All are from my Classroom Organization and Classroom Decor Boards on Pinterest.  All are completely different.  I love the Advice from a Tree painting and even have space beside where my tree will go that I could create that!  Not really loving the flat tree on the wall with the circles but really love the branches.  And then there are all sorts of possibilities with the crumpled bulletin board paper!

Of course this would be a dream...but not a reality! :)

Second dream space would include a cozy classroom library.  It's not really a hallmark of a Montessori classroom but it is a hallmark of a chick who knows a lot about literacy development and how to grow readers!  My last space had a little, smidge of a library.  That's gonna change in my new space!

This one has a much bigger-awesomer-fabulouser library.  
I'd like it to grow up to be something like this!

I love all this color and cheery-ness.  It wouldn't fly in a Montessori classroom but the general layout and the awesome coziness is what I really want!  I also love that you can't see all the books.  I know that sounds crazy but tons of book bindings doesn't look cute!

This is cozy too.  Muted colors may work better in my setting as well!

Love these little chairs!  They crack me up!  I feel like a little boy with a pipe, cardigan sweater and the newspaper in his hand should be sitting in them! :)  Great way to store the extra pillows too!

The third thing I am looking at is making my areas beautiful!

I know they are small but these pictures.  Right here.

  My heart sings!  These rooms are bright and airy and spacious!  Oh for the love of BIG. CLASSROOM. WINDOWS!  And don't you love those seats above in the classroom library?!?

And this!  For the love of hard wood floors in a classroom!

Although I am a bright color girl, I have learned to love the clean, natural fibers that are often found in a Montessori classroom.  Children add the color! :)

And this looks much like my classroom will likely look when I get it all together.  It's a typical Montessori classroom and it is Bee-U-tiful!  

So, what is your dream for your classroom?  Share it and if you get it on fast enough you can link up with Tell it All Tuesday but if not, feel free to link it up here!

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  1. Stacie, I don't even know where to begin you shared some incredible pictures. I love all those classrooms. They look so warm and inviting, it would be a great place to learn. Thank you for taking the time to link up with us! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Dianna! It is a fun link up and I'll be watching for it again!


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