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Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Warriors! Save your pennies!

I think by now you have figured out that I love link ups!  It gives us all so much more to think about and for us newbies to the blogging world, I think it also lets people know who we are!  So, I was reading one of my favs this morning, Lucky to Be in First and grabbing the fun freebies she is giving away today for the Letter V and scrolled back to find out about Weekend Warriors!

And, it's all about Money Saving Tips & Tricks for Teachers!  Who doesn't like to save money!?!  So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite tips and tricks with you!

I know, you are probably wondering what in the world that could mean but I'm famous for using the back side of copy over-runs for scratch paper for meetings, cutting lessons for my small fries and great drawing paper for rainy day recess.  I know it isn't cute and doesn't have smart clipart and sweet designs on it but it sure is handy and it eases my guilt of wasting paper! :)

Yep, if you are a Silhouette or Cricut owner you gotta know about Expressions Vinyl!  I stumbled upon them when I owned my scrapbook store and they are my #1 one go to source for vinyl!  They are quick, efficient, have great customer service, every color of vinyl and their prices are crazy cheap!  a 12x24 sheet of regular vinyl is only $2.50!  The same thing from any local craft store is $9.99 for 12x48.  I know you can use a coupon but I never find the colors that I want in the big box stores!  So, if you need vinyl to cut your cute stuff before school starts, try them out!

You know that everything you read says to get plants and pets into your classroom!  I know, they are a pain but for 18 years of teaching I have always had a pet in my room and I have had some pretty creative ways of saving money once they get there!  I've had snakes, hamsters, fish, turtles, frogs, iguanas, rabbits, chinchilla, birds, rats, guinea pig and even a hedge hog!  If you've been reading my blog long, you know, I love some animals! :)  So, a few years ago I learned about Pets in the Classroom!

This amazing service allows you to write a ONE PAGE grant and then sends you a letter with coupons for free and drastically reduced animal and care items!  We are adding a hamster to our classroom this year and I can't wait for my kiddos to meet her!  

We have thrown around quite a few name choices here at the house but I think we will wait until school starts to make a name official!

I have more but many of them are listed in other fabulous posts that are linked to this party so hop back over to and check out all the great ideas from fellow teacher bloggers!

Happy Back to School Saving!

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