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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tech Tuesday...It Really is Still Tuesday!

So, we've had a little snag in getting into our classrooms this summer. I know, teachers take the summer off to lounge by the pool.  But at the end of last school year, our entire program (5 classrooms) was moved into our main building from fabulous learning cottages with offices and bathrooms.  In teacher language you know that translates to a LOSS OF STORAGE.  For a Primary Montessori teacher this means INSANITY.  But the move meant we lost that precious storage.  Long story for another day but I share the short version now to tell you that this is what I wrestled with all day...Please note that the majority of the furniture at the front of the picture is not even mine!  It was left there.  WHO NEEDS & BIG BOOKSHELVES!?!?

After 8 hours I gave up and wondered if I really accomplished anything and went home.  Tomorrow is another day and I'm a teacher and I have the summer no worries! :)

So, without further are a few techie tips I picked up in Vegas!

  So it basically lets you repost stuff you love from Instagram!  I find this to be a great way to show the love to the other teacher bloggers you are following!

Next up is the Teachers Pay Teachers App!

I know, you are wondering why in the world I am sharing this but there has to be at least one more person out there that didn't know there was a TpT app!  That's the only way you can hear the cha-ching people!!!  And they told us at the conference that they will soon be updating the app for iPhone!

Ezy Watermark Lite is the way to go to add watermarks to your photos. 

 Learned this from the sweet gals in the Instagram session!  You want those watermarks because you are posting fabulous stuff and people are of course reposting it to Pinterest and you want credit!  It is simple to add the watermark!  Just type your store/blog name on your photo and you are good to go!  There is a paid version too but so far the freebie seems fine.

Last but not least is a favorite of my own from the scrapbooking world!  One tip they taught us at the Instagram session and again in the Pinterest session that I went to is to make collages of your photos. Project Life app is by far the easiest and most fabulous way to do that!

You can pick your size, slide pics in and save and then upload to your favorite social media site.

One that I keep hearing about but haven't checked out yet...

I keep seeing everyone posting Periscope videos so that is on the to-do list before school starts again!

That's it for now but I will share more maps that I learned about next Tuesday!
What is your favorite app for teaching/blogging or TpTing?

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