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Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Meanderings...Breakin' Down Vegas

I think I am back to normal physically and mentally.  Well, as close as I am going to get! :)  I thought I'd share a little bit about my Vegas experiences and tell you a smidge about what I learned!

First and most importantly, I met some amazing women!  Teacher bloggers and TpT sellers of course but just plain old cool chicks first!

Understand, I had to go out on the social limb to meet these ladies but they were busy being brave as well and the 5 of us stumbled upon one another (Kimberly and Kathy already knew each other) and began the networking!   They are left to right Stephanie from First Grade Bangs (great story behind that blog name!), Cheryl (our newbie who is just getting going with all this TpT blogger stuff), Cathy from Sunshine and Lollipops, me and Kimberly from Kimberly's Kindergarten.  Check out their sites!  If you knew them, you'd want to teach next door to them!

Second bit to share...the AMAZING sessions I attended!  I have attended and presented at no less than 15 conferences in my teacher life and this one was most definitely at the top of the list for presentation topics, variety of offerings, length of time for presentations and time in between sessions for networking.  I'm going to have to say that my favorite session was Instagram your Brand One Picture at a Time by the fabulous Hadar Moar from Miss Kindergarten Love

and Stephanie Stewart from Falling Into First!

It was amazing!  They gave us so much good information and who knew that Instagram was the new Facebook!?!  Not this girl but you better believe that by the time I left, I had my Teacherlifeisgood Instagram account all set up!  Come follow me!

instagram teacherlifeisgood

Final thing about the conference...for that I was not prepared for the level of awesomeness that teachers would bring with them!  Between business cards, candy bags, lollipops with shop logos and amazing session notebooks, 

business card ideas from TpT

I was way out of my league!  But never fear!  I will be ready next year with all the bling and RAZZMATAZZ that one teacher conference can handle!

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  1. Thanks, Stacie, one of my highlights was meeting you three lovely ladies! We had a great time and I learned so much. Kimberly (Kimberly's Kindergarten)

  2. Love your blog!!! Great Times, Great Learning, Great FUN! Until we meet again... hopefully before next year!!
    Kathy (Sunshine and Lollipops)

  3. We absolutely need to plan a mid year meet up! :) we will be half way to our goal by then so why not!?!?


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