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Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday!

Here we are again!  Another Friday of summer is almost done!  Can hardly believe the speed that this summer is flying by at but it's been a good good summer so far and I am a happy camper!  So, without wasting another minute of your precious summer time...let's go with Five for Friday!

Who's a super lucky girl!?!  This one right here!

The hubs and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on July 4th and this was my gift!  I had looked at them and decided it was just too much to spend and then he surprised me with it!  It is fabulous and awesome and lovely!

Yeah, I'm a chicken chick and if you follow me on Instagram you will often see pics of my girls.  This is Sweetie and she is my favorite!  She is hunkered down because this is the stance she takes when she thinks I am going to pick her up!  She loves to be held but I think its more because I bring her snacks than because she wants to snuggle! :)  I hatched her in my classroom, along with 16 more last school year.  I brought her and 4 more home and she was the only hen in the crowd!  

In light of the fact that I live in a neighborhood...with an HOA...and a no chicken policy, the roosters had to go!  But Sweetie stayed and I bought 3 more hens from the flea market and they all hang out and give me fresh eggs every day!  I could be a farm girl in a heart beat! 

This kid right here.  What a joy to be his mom!  He's 15 going on 25 some days and 5 other days but he's mine and I couldn't be prouder of the young man he is becoming!  He and I are heading to Nicaragua with some members from our church for a week long mission trip.  This will be his first and my 4th.  Can't wait to see how God works in our lives while we are there!

Today was immunization day!   The Dr. gave him a sticker for being brave! :)

I was number 873 on the wait list but I finally got it!  Great read so far but one that you have to stay with or you get lost fast!

gone girl

It's been a crazy, anxious, stressful summer while my team and I wait to get into our classrooms.  Many of you know how that goes so I won't even go there.  Needless to say they finally let us in this week.  Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!  Was my response to the email our lead teacher sent out!

hot mess classroom pic

This is after 12 hours of work.  And I work pretty fast!  Good news is, I have 2 weeks left so it will get done!  Stay tuned for more progress pics!

Hope you have a delightful weekend and be sure to check out the other Five for Friday posts back over at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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  1. I think it's awesome you get fresh eggs every morning! I live in a big neighborhood with a strict HOA but otherwise, I'd have a clothesline, hens, and a little corn patch!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. heehee, I really want a goat too but the hubs said NO! I usually don't worry about that too much but thought I might better with that. We have a sweet little garden too!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more progress pics of your Classroom! Enjoy your trip i'm sure it's going to be absolutely fabulous!

    Teaching Autism

    1. Watch next week! I'm loving the time to move slowly and get rid of all that crap we teachers collect and never have time to purge! You will hear about Nicaragua too! It will be amazing indeed!


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