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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tech Tuesday on Wednesday!

I know, it's Wednesday and I'm doing a Tech Tuesday post but...Vegas...  
What more can I say!?!

I know I've mentioned how fabulous the Bloomz parent teacher communication app is but since I'm here in Vegas showcasing it for them I've been playing with it a lot and loving it even more!  My latest find is the Parent Teacher Conference sign up feature!  It is AMAZING!


First off you see this screen.  This is where you get to decide what your schedule will look like.  Do you want a lunch break?  How long should each conference last?  How much time do you want between them?  And the screen shot doesn't show it but right below notes is an alert option to alert you to the next conference if you'd like!  WHAT?!?


Once you have logistics set click next and here is your sign up sheet!  You can go in on this screen and trash times you don't want to make available!  Click next again and you can choose who the sign up goes to.  So, if it's whole class, great but if it's just one parent you have that option as well!


Click done and one more screen pops up.


A neat and tidy email to your parents letting them know they can sign up.

We all know that plans change and schedules get wonky so if that happens, rather than the typical 87 phone calls back and forth about a new time, parents can hop right back on Bloomz and erase their time releasing it to others to sign up for and they can pick a new time! 

How stinkin fabulous is that?!?  If you haven't signed up yet, you probably better do it now!  

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