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Friday, July 3, 2015

Five For Friday!

Yep, I am on family vaca enjoying a week at the lake with my peeps but I didn't want to miss out on Five for Friday so without further ado...

Our Youth Pastor recently got married and I decided to throw together a basket of dates for the newlyweds.  A few of our families got involved and I hit up Pinterest for ideas and had a blast putting it all together!  The pic isn't the best but you get the idea!
So, here is what it had in it.
1.  Starbucks Gift Card and The Book of Questions
4.  2 Free passes to our fabulous zoo!
5.  A Regal Movie Theatre gift card and two boxes of movie candy to smuggle in! :)

I had many other ideas that could have been added...nerf guns, a kite and subway gift card, water balloons.  You get the idea...the more fun the merrier!
My Pinterest Date Night Board is full of ideas!

WOOOHOOO!  It's slow going but I'm adding things to TpT as fast as I can!  I just added these science observation pages. There are a few more pages in the set so hop on over to my store and check them out!

They are great for kids to use to document observations of particular artifacts in our science area.  Montessori classrooms have a science area that includes various artifacts of a science nature as well as the botany cabinet, animal puzzles, insect blocks, nomenclature cards. magnifying glasses and any other investigation invitations the teacher is lucky enough to have.
My kiddos regularly bring in treasures from home and playground to add to our science area.  I have all of these forms available to record observations.

3.  This BLT pasta salad.  I really don't think there is anything more to say than that.

             I can deal with that!

I'm not really a hashtagger but I think I can become one!  I've been using it but would love it if all you fabulous teachers would start using it too!  #teacherlifeisgood!

Don't forget to hop back over to Doodlebugs Teaching and check out all the awesome Five for Friday posts!
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