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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tech Tuesday...Pinterest Style! Let's get it Under Control People!

If you've known me for 5 minutes you know that I L.O.V.E. Pinterest!  I am a little obsessed with the whole notion of it.  As in I have pinned 7, 673 things.

I am one of those crazy people that actually does a LOT of the things that I pin!  
No, I have not accomplished all 7,673 (yes, I really had that many when I wrote this post) but I've given it a lot of good effort.  All of my best recipes, Montessori ideas, cool quotes and room makeover ideas came from Pinterest.  So with all this Pinterest love going on, my boards were a mess!  I have 175 boards.  I know, I know, who does that?!?!  But that's me!  

So last summer I had to get organized because I couldn't find anything and I was wasting more time pinning than using the great info.  I got the crazy under control with a few simple (but time consuming) fixes.  
I started by Alphabetizing my boards.  Now you are probably thinking, "what teacher in her right mind wouldn't have done that from the get go?!?"  This one my friends.  This. One. Right. Here.
This was not fun and took a hefty amount of time but when I did the alphabetizing it actually made me take a look at boards, add new ones, consolidate some and trash some altogether.  Let's start with alphabetizing though.
It's easy peasy!  You can only do it on a desk top and it's as simple as drag and drop.  Open those boards up, click on the board you need to move and drag it to where it needs to be.  While you're in there take a look at those boards that you haven't looked at in for ever and clean it up people!
Super easy too!  Click on edit and you will get this screen.  Get in there and change it up.  If you added a recipe to your language and literacy board click on name and get it to the right spot!  Get those math lessons out of laundry room makeover!
Expand boards that need it!  I started with one Christmas broad that had a zillion pins so I broke them all up into individual boards so I could actually find stuff.  
I am also in a constant mode of deleting things I don't care about, don't want, ain't never gonna try.  I do that each time I pin.  It's sorta like that rule about add something new to your closet, take something out.
So now is the time.  For Pete's sakes, you're a teacher and have the summer off!  What else do you have to do with your time but clean up your Pinterest boards?!?  Have fun!
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