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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tech Tuesday!

Today I'm sharing a little organization technique that I use for my iPads.  This grew out of a need to manage my ever growing supply of iPads!  I was lucky enough to have a Donors Choose grant fully funded and that got me 4 iPad minis and cases.  I am also lucky enough to work in a school that has given my kiddos access to 3 additional iPads.  So, with all this fabulous technology there had to be a way to store it all.  The picture below is ever a work in progress.  

The hubs made this stand originally without the cord access on the front.  Now, if you have small people (3-6 year olds) handling technology in your classroom you know that a multitude of problems can arise.  One of which was trying to manage cords and charging.  So after living with it for a few months it came home and he added tracks on the side for each cord to go to a particular shelf.  He then cover it with another piece of wood which of course is easily removed.  The cords move freely in the track so they can be pushed or pulled however needed.  

This helped a lot with keeping them charged and organized.  This has not helped with cuteness.  I'm just not feeling all the cords.  So, back to the drawing board again.  I've added zip ties to keep the cord mess at bay in the back of the system and I added tags to each of the cords and labels to each of the shelves and each of the iPads in order to keep track of which cord goes to which iPad on which shelf.  

We won't know how this works until school starts again but I am thinking its a good thing!

If you are looking for ways to store your iPads and a whole lot more, check out my Pinterest Board iFun!


  1. Love it! And so fun to have someone who can make it for you ;)
    - Leslie

    1. yep, he is pretty handy! now I need to decide on paint or no paint! :)


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