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Friday, June 26, 2015

Five for Friday

WOOOHOOO!  It's here again!  Wait, it's summer.  And I'm a teacher.  So, every day is like Friday!  Anywho, Five for Friday is here again!

1. Finished this first book in the trilogy in about 2 days!

I picked this one up at Books a Million on clearance.  It's set in South Carolina on Sullivan's Island and a part of this transplanted Southern girl would secretly love to be part of an old Southern family.  So, I was hooked in about half a page and now I'm in search of the other two.  
I'm not a big book buyer.  I have a thing about reading.  It's a thing that makes it so I only read a lot during the summer.  I'm a picky reader.  If the story doesn't catch me in the first 5 pages it goes back on the shelf. I know, I'm fickle but ain't nobody got time for slow stories.  I will race through at least 10 books this summer.  Mostly life stories.  Nothing to heavy.  Just fun frivolous stuff that I get all wrapped up in and then move on to the next story.  Check it out, it's good!

2.  This fabulous Lilly print makes me smile.

Now, typically I'm not a Lilly girl.  Don't get me wrong, I love color and I love flowers but I don't love crazily over priced color and flowers.  But then this happened for a teacher end of year present from one of my sweet families who's Mama is also a teacher!  She acknowledged that I'm not a Lilly Girl but also noted that the print screamed happy!  She is oh so right!  I love it and might possibly be hooked!  I might have spied the matching towel at the pool yesterday and might have gone on line to find one! And in the process I might have accidentally spied this dress and really, really need it for #TpTVegas15!
I know, this girl looks a little creepy, Barbie, no thighs-ish but i LOVE the dress!

3.  How stinkin cute is this!?!  Some end of year teacher gifts are, well, special.  And then there are awesome gifts like this!

This is the front and back.  The front says Mrs, Mandrell, Thank you for helping me bloom!  
Love, Suzie
The back has two flowers wrapped around it.
It's a personalized flower vase from Thee Freckled Owl!  It came with a big beautiful bunch of flowers in it and I will love using it in my classroom!  Check out the designer's etsy store!  She is really reasonable.  

4.  This is my newest Mexican food obsession!  I stumbled upon it on my way to Philadelphia for the National Montessori Conference in March.  We had time to waste in the Charlotte Airport and came upon this fabulous place called Salsarita's.  I ordered these:

The picture doesn't do them justice.  They are beyond fabulous!  The chips are just the right bit of salty, the cheese is not just shredded, its also the white, runny, queso fabulous kind too.  One very cool thing about Salsarita's is that wether you order nachos or tacos or burritos, you get to add all the toppings of your choice!  No extra charge!  
When I came home from my little jaunt I was so sad because I figured it would not be a place I would visit often and low and behold, I found one in downtown Columbia!  Follow the link and find one near you!

5.  If you haven't seen it
go today!  What a great way to teach kids and adults about feelings!  Take Kleenex though...its possible a drop or two might leak out!

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  1. I am so glad I clicked on your blog! Great post! I will agree with you about the dress. It's pretty, but I thought at first that the girl was a real Barbie. I just finished a book called The Good Girl by Mary Kubica that was extremely good! Try it!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Thanks so much Carol! I'm just getting started so it's good to know someone is reading! :). I will absolutely check out The Good Girl. I feel like I saw that mentioned somewhere!


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