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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not Yo Regular Teacher stuff...update!

Okay so maybe the whole, "Let's be cool like Jen from I Heart Organizing and get everything in order real quick like." wasn't quite as fun as I thought it would be.  I spent all week thinking about which of my 4 areas I wanted to tackle first and then had to just default to the car because I could complete it the quickest!  That is so slack!  It's okay though...because it is done!  And let me tell you, it is beautiful!  Check it out!

This was the glove compartment before cleanup. The manual that actually belongs in there is sitting on top of about 87 million napkins.  Who in the world needs this many napkins?! No worries, they were all flattened out and moved to the house for family use. Once I removed all the paper product this is what we were left with.

Such an easy fix!
Next was the center console. What a nasty disaster!  The cup holders were grimy, there was melted gum on the tray along with all sorts of gross! I took all of it out, threw a bunch away and wiped it all down with Clorox wipes!


And now it's all clean and purty!


The car door catch alls were just as bad!


Apparently we aren't a family that likes to part with trash.  But it's all good now!


Next I tackled the floors.  I'm really not sure when the floor of the van last saw a vacuum but for Petes sakes!  Ridiculous! This picture doesn't do it justice.  It was covered with crumbs and dog hair and trash!


I had to start with a clean out first.  Every single thing came out in the driveway and the vacuuming began!  I put my big punk on this task (you can see him in the back seat) and he did a great job!


Once the floors were clean I used clorox wipes and dusted every surface. 
Once the inside sparkled I made the punks (big & small) wash the outside and they made that shine too!
The Mr. T Van is back to its fabulous self! Now we are going on vacation for a week! That oughtta ruin everything!

Check back over at I Heart Organizing and see what others have accomplished on this grand organizational journey!
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  1. I need to clean out my car too. This just might be the inspiration I need to do so.

  2. I am blaming 100% of the mess on my kids! :)


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