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Monday, December 7, 2015

Reindeer Sight Words Cheer!

We are all over the sight words in class.  We've learned the first 8 lists which for my class means 48 words.  I use the term learned loose because 4 of my 6 kiddos are all over them and two are still wondering why the heck we need to learn sight words! :)  No worries, we have all year!  In an effort to make sight words fun and exciting, I have been doing all sorts of different things that I plan to share over Winter Break because frankly, they just aren't TpT ready yet!  But I did bust these out the other day and I am so excited about them!

It's Fry's First 100 Sight words so you can use them for little's who are just learning them, orders who are owning them and even the bigs can use them for practice with ABC order or memory or fluency practice or Go Fish or a zillion other things you can think of!

I there Missy Mooty Russell's link in there because she made the adorable reindeer clipart and GAVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!  Click on the logo and go get you some!

Only 9 days till break!  WE CAN DO IT!!!
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