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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Five for Friday...Sunday Style!

Whew, has it ever been a week!  The 1,000 year flood caused us to be out of school ALL OF LAST WEEK!  Now, I know some of you are saying...LUCKY but let me tell you what...I just want normal again!  This past week wasn't much better as we operated on a two hour delay every day because 100 of our 114 bus routes have in some way been altered and they are concerned for the safety of our kiddos and bus drivers having to drive in the dark on compromised roads.  Remember the first 3 weeks of school?  Remember how we prayed for those to be over so we could get to the good stuff?  Yeah, it feels like we are right back there again!  Learning routines, getting down to business, being kind, etc.  The 1,000 year flood affected us in so many ways people will never know!  But the important thing is, we're all good!  We made it through, our state is recovering, and we are stronger for it!
Now, on to a little Five for Friday fun!

This is a favorite lesson in my room.  

Many of my kindergartners do it on a regular basis but a few 4 year olds have even started getting in on the act.  I got it a year ago somewhere on the net and I printed and hard laminated the and they stay on binder rings in groups of ten based on beginning middle or end sound.  The kiddos use the moveable alphabet, one of my favorite Montessori materials, to fill in the missing letter.  If anyone knows where they came from please let me know so I can give credit!

This happened on Tuesday to my big punk.  He is a brand new driver and this was his second time getting to drive to school.  Thankfully he was in a parking lot so it was private property and the other driver was sweet and agreed that we could settle it ourselves.  His car only had a little paint scratch which is showing when you see this giant dent!  Everyone was fine although my boy was a little shaken.  I guess it's just part of life.  Hope it's one and done with accidents!

This kiddo has been in my room for 3 years now.  We have gone round for the last 2 and this year he is a kindergartner who decided he was gonna step it up.  Thank you JESUS!
Although he is a very beginning reader, he asked me to show him this lesson the other day and suprisingly he was able to do it!
It's a great lesson to reinforce blends.  I also have another one that is digraphs.  I ordered them through Montessori 'n Such but you could just as easily make it with objects and and a big piece of felt or a laminated piece of construction paper with the blends/digraphs across the top.

When I came to the state of South Carolina 25 years ago I was supposed to be here for a semester.  I had been accepted to the National Student Exchange Program and was paying my tuition to my home campus of Northern Arizona University and someone else was going there while I came here.  Amazing program and every student who wants to see the US should check into it.  Well, after about 5 minutes of being a Gamecock, I decided to transfer and stay.  As the director of the program at the time said about the many people who transferred every year...I had been "Bit by the Gamecock."  One of the most fascinating things for me was football!  I was amazed by the excitement, the tailgating, the people.  Every last bit of it and to this day, I do love some Carolina Football!  GO COCKS!
We rarely take the kids with us when we go to a game for many reasons but this game they came with because we were celebrating their big sis!  It was a great day for pictures!

My Big Punk and I cheesing for a quick selfie.

Me and my girl punk celebrating her engagement!

My small punk and I catching some rays with the rest of the fans!

A little half time love for our great state that has suffered so much in the last few weeks!

 Love these 4 to the moon and back.

This is the view as we closed out the night with a much needed win over Vanderbilt!

Things have been a little rough this school year but notes like these make it all better!

Hope your week is grand!
Hop around and see what others are doing in their lives and classrooms and drop Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching a quick comment and thank her for keeping Five for Friday going for all of us!

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  1. Great picture of your punks! Way to remain focused on the positive- you rock that. Seriously.

  2. Great picture of your punks! Way to remain focused on the positive- you rock that. Seriously.


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