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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five for Friday Table Rockin!

Today's Five for Friday is all about camping!  This was one of my most favorite family vacations growing up.  We'd pack up on a Friday after school and head to the forests of Washington State.  I'm hopefully passing on the love to my punks!  Nothing beats camping!  So here we go...Five for Friday camping style!

This was our view driving up to Table Rock State Park!
And this is a grand view of Table Rock.

Once you get to your fabulous destination it's time to start setting up camp!  These two set up our new tent and somehow I never got a picture of it!

We bought a brand new 6 man tent big enough for kids and dogs and parents.

My sweet Sophie girl.  She is the best camper dog ever!  We left our new fur baby, Sam at home because we didn't think he was quite ready and we were camping with a few more families that included another Golden and a Labor-doodle so we were full up on dogs!

She did great as usual!

And of course my most favorite part of camping is the fire!
I can sit by a fire all night and ponder life!

We had 17 people total in our group and that included 6 boys and 1 girl ages 7-15.  The kids had a blast and got along really well.  One of their first adventures was to build this fort!
It is an amazing lean to fort to live in forever!

My big punk loves his Eno hammock and chilled in it a lot!

My life is richer because of these 3.  What would I do without them?
I know, super flattering shot of me!

We went on a hike with all 17 peeps and 3 dogs!  

It was a beautiful trek around the lake!

Doing life with friends is always better!  

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Hop back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and see how everyone else spent the week!

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  1. Stacie you nailed this post! I can definitely relate and I almost want to pack up today and head back to Table Rock State Park! We had great memories there as kids and now I bring my own kids there. My favorite thing is unplugging from technology and allowing the kids to use their brains to find fun things to do with each other in nature.

    Garrett Newman @ Branson Regal


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