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Friday, October 30, 2015

Five for Friday...Maybe on a Friday!?!

It's that time again and geesh it's been a heck of a long week!  Never fear though...good stuff has happened so let me share!

One of my kiddos most favorite lessons!
It's one of mine too because the fabulous teacher at Princess and the Tot blog, who thought it up GAVE IT AWAY for FREE!!!

 I know that we are a skinny minute past the day of candy corn but I think you could stretch it out another week if you want!  Probably could even get a bag or two of candy corn on clearance! :)

Red Ribbon Week!  

We have had a great time standing up against drugs this week but it's an interesting topic when you teach really small people.  This was such a cool thing to line the walls with but when we walked away one of my kinders said..."Why did we do that?"  I told her that it was because we were making a pledge against drugs.  She responded with, "What's that?"  I was thrilled and at the same time pondering how much to tell.
Family Feasts are one of my most favorite classroom events.  

I have been doing them since my first year of teaching.  The last Friday of every month is Family Feast day.  
Sometimes we are even lucky enough to have grandparents visit all the way from Iowa!
Its just like a church potluck.  Families all bring in food and I provide the paper products.  
It's always a good time!

Our school Fall fest was tonight and good times were had by all! 

 I volunteered to get pie in the face.

Because who doesn't love a little whipped cream pie in the face!?! :)

And this week was a little over the top so when she said tall or short?  I, of course said TALL! 
The hubs said, "Do you realize how much 32oz. is?"  And I of course said, "Why yes, yes I do!"  and I didn't leave a drop!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
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