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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Non-fiction Read at a Super Price!

Who loves some Zoobooks?!?!  This girl right here does!  When I first started teaching 18 years ago my school bought each classroom a subscription...oh the joys of teaching in a DoDS school!  Anywho, my second graders loved it and it was a great non fiction source to have in the classroom.  Through the years I have had access to it in different school settings but haven't had it in my Primary Montessori classroom...until now!

While I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday it popped up on my feed to buy it as a Groupon special!  I jumped on it in a heart beat and bought a subscription for my classroom!

Zootles is Zoobooks for 3-6 year olds.  If you check out their website, it lets you take a walk through the magazine!

 I couldn't resist the deal so I also bought one for my small punk for a Christmas present!
This original was created for 6-12 year olds!  It's as good as you remember!

If you teach small fries or have little people in your house, they even have a new magazine for 0-3 year olds!

And if $10 wasn't cheap enough for a magazine subscription, I just got an email stating that I got a $6 refund because I shared it on FB and someone followed my link to order! That's good stuff right there!  So, follow my link and take advantage of this great deal and then share the link they give you with others and get some free money!

P.S. I get nothing from Zoobooks for telling you how awesome they are!  Just wanted you to know! :)
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