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Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday....on a Friday! For Reals!

WOOOHOOO for Friday!  This will indeed be a  Friday post as I am laid up on the couch healing from knee surgery!  So, here goes!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know, I'm a runner!  And sometimes runners have knee trouble and sometimes runners have to have that they can run again! :)
Two little bitty incisions and an autograph from my dr.!  All fixes to non-loadbearing portions of my knee.  Meniscus repair and something about my femur and shaving bone or some such something.  I have almost no pain, a lot of nausea as the anesthesia wears off and this is my view until Monday.

One of my favorite Montessori lessons!  Sentence strips with phrases and objects.  The kiddos love it!  This 4 year old...just turned 5 insisted that she doesn't know how to read!  Oh yeah!?!

Oh my mercy.  This is happening!  That little white car behind me is my new driver big punk!  He followed me home in his new to him car.  EEEEEEKKKK!  Good news is that he drives like grandma so I'm only worried about all the other crazies on the road!

This sweet baby worked so hard on this awesome freebie.  He is a 4 year old in my room and has great number sense and this was the perfect extension to some Montessori work he has been doing.  I caught him in the act of working on the paper and after finishing 3 problems he came over and wiped is brow and said, "whew, I worked really hard and I am really tired!"  The beauty of Montessori is that I was able to respond with, "Awesome, put it in your cubby and you can finish it tomorrow!" 

and then there is this...

I live right there in the the middle.  Columbia, SC isn't really prepared for 6-14 inches of rain in 3 days time.  Businesses and schools in our downtown area are preparing for the worst and we are in a state of emergency.  It's all that we are talking about in SC.  Say a little prayer for us over the next few days!  I guess it's a great weekend to be laid up on the couch!

Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned for my AWESOME Super Hero Sight Word Booklet that I will be posting this weekend!

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