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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Five for Friday is Here, Babeeeee!

Hmmmm, I wonder if this will get finished tonight so it can be a real live Five for Friday.  We will see!  I do love me some Friday!  So, let's get started!

Okay, so I am sure you have heard plenty about essential oils.  Someone is always whooping and hollering about the mystical, magical powers and others are scoffing at the mystical, magical powers.  Well, I started using them a few years ago when I started making my own wipes.  I use lemon and orange essential oil that I buy at the local Vitamin Shop.  Love the wipes and use them in my kitchen daily.  I have a few friends that sell Young Living EO and they both have told me a lot about them and I've listened with one year...until recently.  I have crazy bad headaches that will only go away with two extra strength Excedrine migraine.  For the last year I've been popping two of those babies a few times a week.  That all had to come to a hault a few months ago when I had a routine colonoscopy and the dr asked if I had a bad stomach, which I don't and after a few more questions he got to the bottom of his concern and told me to cut out the Excedrine because it tears up your stomach.  WHAT!?!?  It's the only thing that tears up my headache!  Enter this show stopper!

Rubbed it on my temples and back of my neck and in no time flat the pain had subsided.  It came back a few hours later and I rubbed on some more and went to bed and woke up the next morning headache free!  Good times!

What a gem this was to come across!
This mama's story is amazing and she is generous beyond words with the beautiful materials she creates to use with her 4 children.  I printed and laminated these gems and had them in my room Monday morning for my kiddos to enjoy!  Great new learning occurred!
Check out my Montessori Math Pinterest board for more great stuff like it!

Confucius say...

Indeed I do and the last two days have been rainy and I've been cooped up inside.  Needless to say I've been a tad grumpy.  Perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow! :)

This makes me happy!

I've now doubled my sales on TpT!  Perhaps I should get my act together and add a few more things to my store!
The item I sold is a great matching lesson for pre-k through kindergarten kiddos.   
Quick Link to buy the lesson: Fruits & Veggies 3-Part Cards
I'm working on a few more matching lessons with other Toobs!  Stay tuned to see them in my store!

Pretty excited about this!

You've probably seen the ads on Facebook or Teachers Pay Teachers for Tinker Crate.  Apparently its a sister to Kiwi Crate which came out a while ago.  I've been thinking about it for a Christmas present for my small punk and then I was on TpT yesterday oohing and ahhing about my newly earned $2 and I saw a FREEBIE trial for Tinker Crate so decided to order!  I had to pay $4.95 for shipping but I'll let you know how awesome it is soon!  In the meantime, if you want to try out the freebie, follow this link!

Yes, you will notice that this has become a Five for Fraturday post but thats ok because it's the weekend and I can do what I wanna! :)  
Hop back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and see what else is going on around the blogosphere!

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  1. I swear by peppermint essential oil for headaches...I'm not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life!

    1. i just learned that it is great for nausea too!

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