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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Five for Friday on a Lazy Sunday afternoon!

 It's been a doozy of a week in the classroom but those kids are so stinkin' funny that I have to keep coming back! :)  I mean really, isn't that why we do what we do?
So, let me jump right in to a little Sunday afternoon fun with Five for Friday!

Why in the world is this sweet bottle of cleaner not sold with every stainless appliance purchase?!  

About a year ago we started replacing our appliances with stainless.  We are doing one piece at a time so it isn't a super hit to our finances and let me say it has been a really nice way to do it!  All that being said, It has not been true love as they don't clean nicely and I feel like they are always dirty looking.  And then one of my girlies introduced me to the beauty above and nothing could be finer!  I love it!  And, I love my appliance again!

Oh my mercy!!!

This right here will be served in heaven.  That's all.

We are studying mammals in our classroom.  We've been doing all sorts of fun stuff and I made this little book for my kiddos to work on.  I found inspiration from this FREE mini book on TpT and tweaked it a bit for what I needed in my classroom.

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Grits for Grandparents and my sweet Mom and Dad came to celebrate with my small punk!  I love that my family is close and my parents are young and love to be part of their grandkids lives!  Im a little worried what will happen next year when this kid leaves elementary school and they don't do Grits for Grands anymore but he will still adore them and they him!

Although this was the craziest of the pics we took, I thought it fitting!  These are my babies!  A few are missing but this is the group of brilliant, funny, temperamental, amazing small people that I spend my days with!  We had a bring $1 wear a hat day to raise money for Walk for Life and our school raised $347!  That's good stuff right there!

Hope your weekend has been fabulous and you have a marvy week ahead of you!

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