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Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday...and it's FRIDAY!!!

Sometimes your just on it doggoneit!  And when that happens you get to post your Five for Friday on a Friday!  No worries, it won't happen often!

Just finished up our Five Senses study with this fabulous FREE unit!  

The kids had a blast and their teacher loved the quality of the unit!
Visit her TPT store and you can have it too!

This was my first run with Sam.  

He was much better when we ran with Sophie and I have ordered the Buddy System running harness but Amazon hasn't delivered it yet.  Stay tuned for my love or hate of this new leash.  It should arrive by tomorrow!

I've only been working on it for a month but it is finally done!  

I can't believe it is so amazing!  Stay tuned for a Periscope about how I did it because I am pretty much  in love right this minute!

This is the stuff you miss out on when you spend your days with big people!  

No one stops to watch the chrysalis open up into a beautiful swallowtail butterfly that you get to let go in the courtyard after its wings have dried out!

Now here's a way to start the weekend!

Have you heard about Wine at Home?  It's a home party system like Pampered Chef or 31 or Jam Berry!  You get together with your girls, make some tasty appetizers and get to tasting!  I've already scheduled a party at my house! :)

So, there you go!  Five for Friday on a Friday!  I feel like a BOSS and I will absolutely feel fabulous on Saturday morning when I wake up and start getting appetizers ready for a Gamecock win!  I LOVE football season!

Hop back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and see how others spent their week!

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