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Saturday, September 5, 2015

#TEACHERWEEK2015! Let's see what's going on in E2!

I know this didn't get posted on the correct day but I did take the video that day and it was live on Periscope that day but the act of getting it from Periscope to Youtube was a bit tedious.  In the meantime I came across another fun link up to join!  I've been looking at all sorts of fun classroom set ups and been amazed by how different we all are!  After you check out mine be sure to click the pictures below and hop over to the other two blogs that I have linked up with!  Great stuff on both!

Blog Hoppin'

Let me start with a little disclaimer.  I was all kinds of excited to share my classroom tour with you and I was all kinds of excited to do it via Periscope because 125 people are following me and I've only posted O.N.E. periscope in the last 2 months!  I have no idea why people keep following me but I was happy to have something worth sharing!  I got to school early yesterday.  Had a great hair day going on.  And had plenty of time to get 'er done.  And then I turned on the video and was shocked at how stinking tired or old or exhausted or ancient or super fatigued or like Moses' wife I looked!  DANG!  This start to the school year has taken its tole on me!  That's my excuse anyway!   So, please look beyond that, watch the video and then see what else I am thinking!

As I mentioned in the video I was quite surprised by the messiness in our room.  One aspect of the Montessori classroom is care for the environment.  My classroom cleanup mantra has always been, "mama doesn't work here and the maid quit so we better get to cleaning up!"  I guess I haven't thrown that one out yet this year!   I was really embarrassed by the mess the kids had left but even more important...the messes that I had created  by piling here and there around the room.  No bueno!  I thought about quitting the video then and there and coming up with some lame excuse about why I didn't post it but then thought, nope...this is reality!  When we had our morning line time we talked about the messiness and how important it was to leave things looking nice each afternoon.  Everyone agreed and they immediately wanted to remedy the situation!  I love small punks!

As far as my mess goes, I stayed after school and whisked around the room and cleaned up the crap!  I now need to make it my business to keep things tidy because I just don't have the room to leave stuff anymore!  I'm going in this weekend to take some pictures and may do another Periscope so watch for it!

Stay tuned for my sanity savers tomorrow!  They are really epic! :)
Hop back over to Blog Hoppin' and see the other amazing classroom tours!

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