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Saturday, September 5, 2015

#TEACHERWEEK2015...My Sanity!

I know, I'm out of order but such is life...I'm not a great rule follower and I didn't have this post all together yesterday...but I do now so ENJOY!

Sanity is such a precious commodity for teachers and it is definitely one that I am often missing!  I race along at a pretty crazy pace and if I'd cut out one or two or ten things I'd probably immediately regain quite a bit of sanity but that doesn't seem likely because i am pretty darned happy with my life as is so I am always looking for ways to organize the insanity. 

Running is my go to sanity saver!  When I am tired, mad, hungry, have a headache, have too much to do, need to think, need a minute alone, pretty much any time...I run!  I always feel so energized and ready to conquer the world when I finish a run. 

Any kind of exercise will do the trick.  Get your blood pumping, your heart rate up and sweat a little and your sanity will thank you!

And then of course there is this.  

You would think with all of my wine posts I am an all out alcoholic but I promise I am not.  I like a glass of red wine on a pretty regular basis but more than a glass gives me a killer headache because I am the queen of cute wine labels which usually equals cheap wine in the bottle!  My current fav is Rex Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon.  Love that stuff!

And then for me there are my girlz!  I am very fortunate because I have not one but two group of amazing women in my life that keep me sane and smiling and loving life!  The first is a group that I have been hanging with for about 6 years now.  They are my TT Crew.  We dubbed ourselves TT because we get together every other Tuesday night for dinner.  I am home early enough to do prayers and Twinkle, Twinkle with my punks but we spend 2 hours eating, drinking and gabbing.  The collective hubs know it's better not to touch TT and with little interruption it happens every other Tuesday night.
Four of us originally came together  because of PTO and we added more as the years moved on.  We have lost a few members because of moving and life changes but when I think of my girls and who I can count on when things get bad or when joys need to be shared or when every shred of sanity is gone...these are my homies!

And in the last year i have gotten to know these fabulous chicks!

What an amazing group of Godly women!  We came together a year ago when I led a ladies summer Bible Study at my fabulous church Seacoast and we have sorta been attached at the 2nd row every Sunday since then!  I can share stories and secrets and we learn and grow in the Word together.  Biggest thing with these ladies is that I can give them anything to pray about and I know they will do it like bosses!  (PS, I can't stand this picture of me...I look like I am about twice my normal size but I love the pic of us so it will have to do!)

Girl friends are sanity savers!  I didn't always know this and actually didn't make time for chick relationships until the last few years.  Now I don't know what I would do without them!
Which brings me to my final and most important sanity saver!  Time with God!  I try to start each day with a devotional and I spend pretty much all day every day praying.  It's just a thing of mine.  I pray for my kids in my classroom, I pray for my team at school, I pray for my hubs and his business, I pray for my attitude and lately I have been praying for JOY!  I seem to be lacking in that department recently so I am starting every day with what I am thankful for and asking God to give me joy throughout the day!  I am signed up with Girlfriends in God and get an email from them daily that I read to start my day.  Check it out!

So, those are my sanity savers!  Can't wait to hear yours!

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