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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Five for Friday! Saturday style!

I know, be amazed but I'm breathing agin and feeling pretty saucy so I've been working on this post all week.  I knew all it would take was to get into a little rhythm with blogging and then I'd love it and stick with it!  So, here we go!

This beauty rolled through my FB feed this week and while I got a little teary, I thought of all the people that I wanted to have see it and that was just about every single woman on the planet.  Enjoy!

"if I were a young woman now, I would spend more time being not doing."

A Gamecock win!  I love my Gamecocks and I am so stinking happy it is football season again and time to tailgate and wear garnet and black and yell GO COCKS!  Every Saturday afternoon!

Weekend project that I finally get to tackle!  

I've had this 10 drawer chest sitting unassembled in my garage

for about 6 months now and wanted it in my new classroom this year but rainbow colors isn't my style so I needed to paint it but just haven't had time.  That's what long weekends are for!  After lots of Pinterest hunting about how to, I finally took the plunge and painted the drawers!  It will go in my classroom on Monday and be the spot for all of my 4ks and kinders to keep their work in progress. This is a hallmark of many Montessori classrooms and one that I thought I could control when school stared but it just ain't happening! 
I'll share a picture of the finished project later.  Stay tuned for news on how it holds up!

This kid right here got his restricted permit this week!  
I am so proud of him and pretty sure that he is the safest kid driver on the road!  
He drives like a grandma! :)

no words.

Hope you had a great week!

Check back in with Doodle Bugs Teaching and take a peak at other bloggers weeks!

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