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Friday, September 4, 2015

#TEACHERWEEK2015...My Fave Subject!

It's the last day of this fun jaunt through a week of teacher life!  It's been a great boost to get me blogging agin and I've learned some great recipes, seen some amazing classrooms and learned cool things about people and teaching along the way!

Here is a look at the final topic.

Favorite subject has always been a tough one for me.  Probably because my attention span isn't really long and i can only be really excited about something for just so long and then something better comes along!  But it's probably more because kids are my favorite subject to teach.  I know that sounds corny and some of you may even be saying, "come one, we're teachers here, blah, blah, blah!"  But I really do love teaching in general.  I love the learning-beside-a-child part the most.  As in I am learning and he is learning too!  I love watching kids have ah-ha! moments and I usually have one at the same time as I watch what finally makes it all clear to a child. 

I have taught every age and been passionate about teaching mathematicians and then writers and readers and I've always loved young scientists to pieces.  I guess if I really had to choose a subject that I love to teach, it would be two...reading and writing.  I'm not a great writer but I have been fortunate enough to have amazing mentors who for a period of about 6 years shaped and molded the teacher of readers and writers that was hidden within me.  I learned to stand on the shoulders of amazing children's authors as well as professional educators who made reading and writing come alive in my classroom and classrooms across the state of South Carolina.  People like Katie Ray, Heidi Mills, Tim O'Keefe and Susi Long, Bobbi Fisher and Jerry Harste just to name a few, all played a part in shaping who I am as a teacher of readers and writers and they each made the teaching of readers and writers a passion for me.  
So if I had to choose, I guess I'd say language arts, but my real favorite subject is kids!

That's it for the week!  Tune in tomorrow for Five for Fraturday!  I actually woulda shared it today but I already had this and Lord knows we can't have two posts in one day! :)
Big shout out to Blog Hoppin' for hosting this fun week of link ups!
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  1. Those a-ha! moments make everything else worthwhile! Great post :)


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