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Monday, August 31, 2015

#TEACHERWEEK2015...Make Ahead Meals!

So, I can hardly wait to check out other posts today because this has got to be every teachers most unfavorite time of the day!  When I learned about make ahead meals my whole school/mom life changed!  I actually became decent to be around at dinner time!
I was really into 5 dinners in 1 hour for a long time!  That site is great and she shares very reasonably priced meals along with yummy and easy to make!  I'd spend Sunday afternoon (a few hours) knocking out meals for the week and it made me a happy camper!
Then a brilliant Pampered Chef Consultant started doing Dinners Done with Pampered Chef.  She created a zillion freezer meals using PC spices and created a party atmosphere to come together with friends and make a bunch of freezer meals.  We did that all last season and let me tell you there was not one bad meal in the bunch!  I was a consultant so this worked out great for us!  If you are interested in this put it out on Facebook and I am sure you will find a consultant who can help you out!
Now, the new school year has started and I am not doing PC anymore and I'm looking for some new ideas.  My favorite go to place is my Pinterest Board...What a Crock!
It's a bunch of crockpot recipes which I love!  It makes me happy just knowing that while I am hanging out with small people, dinner is cooking!  And when I get home, I don't have to think about anything but feeding my peeps!  That's good stuff right there people!  

I'd have to say my most favorite fall go to meal is White Chicken Chili!  Super easy to make and always a crowd pleaser not to mention the fact that it cooks in the crockpot all day!
The ticket is this little gem right here!  McCormick's White Chicken Chili Season packet!  I doctor it some with Mojo Seasoning to cook the chicken and various be a types and I also cook it in the crockpot all day so the flavors really merge together.

Come see me tomorrow and the super-awesome-spectacular-classroom tour will be here!
In the meantime, head back over to Blog Hoppin' and see what great meals you can cook up!
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