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Monday, August 31, 2015

#teacherweek2015...5 Fun Facts about ME!

Yippeee!  It's here!  The first day of #teacherweek2015! and I get to start with ME!   So, let me tell you a few fun things about me!

I own four chickens!  
Yes, I do live in a neighborhood, in a subdivision, with an HOA, with very strict NO LIVESTOCK policies but whats a teacher to do when she has an enormously successful hatching of 24 chicks in her classroom one May day?!  Of course she is going to give away as many as she possibly can and keep 5 for herself.  And of course 4 of the 5 are going to be roosters but by the time they are old enough to tell said teacher that they are noisy boys, she is committed and in love and has become a self proclaimed chicken chick.  Soon, she gives away the boys to a farm where they can run and be noisy and she goes to the flea market and buys 3 more girls to be friends with her girl and the super handy hubs builds the Taj Mahal of chicken coops and all is right with the world!  Meet Sweetie, Angel, Linda and Petunia!  Sweetie loves to be held so she always walks up and says hi.  

The rest of the girls are more of the no, no, heck no variety and they stay back while Sweetie is getting a little love!

I was homecoming queen at my high school!  If you knew me you would know why this was a fun fact.  It's actually pretty hilarious!  I wasn't part of the popular crowd in high school but I did know a lot of people and everyone was my friend so I think that was how it happened.

This picture really cracks me up because I was more worried about our class float winning in the parade than I was about me winning HCQ!  That would be why I am wrapped up in a's  a toga people!  The quarterback of our football team won king and he was almost as thrilled as I was! :)

I use to be a West Coast Girl!!  I was born in Washington state and moved from there to Phoenix, Arizona when I was 10.  When I was 20, I moved to South Carolina because I was accepted into the National Student Exchange Program and got to spend a semester at the University of South Carolina while someone else took my spot at Northern Arizona University.  At the last minute my family decided to move to South Carolina as well and when my semester ended I transferred to USC and never looked back!

I'm a runner!

I get to say that because I've run over 2,000 miles in the last 4 years and that includes countless 5ks and 10ks, 13 half marathons and 2 full marathons!  Running keeps me sane and it makes me happy!  The cheapest form of therapy money can buy!

I am a DIY/HGTV attic!  I love Fixer Upper and Rehab Attic and Property Brothers.  Any show where they are redoing houses  Can't get enough of these things!  But Fixer Upper is my most favorite.  Love her amazing style and love watching the two of them together.  He is hilarious and the way they love each other is grand!

Join me this week as we hop around and meet other teacher bloggers across the globe!  Come on!  It's gonna be fun!
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  1. That's awesome that you own chickens. My husband wants to own some so bad so we can have fresh eggs daily. We live in the city though. We have some friends who got a permit to have some so I think we could make it happen. That's awesome that you're a runner. It takes so much dedication! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!
    Rambling About Reading


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