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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Five for Friday on Saturday... because the kids came back!

I don't know about you but WHEW am I exhausted after this first 3 days of school!  This is the 18th time I've done this too!  My Mom called on Wednesday afternoon (the first day for kiddos) and asked how it went.  I told her that I think God also allows teachers to forget the first day of school just like he allows mamas to forget child birth so we will come back and try it again!  All that being said I have a fabulous class and I did go back on the second day and it will be an amazing year!
So, let's get on with another tardy Five for Friday!

This right fabulous bunch of small fries!  

Seven of them are 3 year olds, 6 of them are 4 year olds and 6 are kindergartners!  Never had that many three year olds!  God help us all because you and I both know...3 year olds RULE THE WORLD! :)

Jake the snake is back!

He was out of our room last year and the kids were really bummed but he is back and yesterday we got him out and talked all about snakes and immediately got over our adult created fear of snakes and then promptly fed him 5 mice.  The kids were amazed and they all want a snake for a pet now!

Love Montessori!  3rd day in and one of my 3rd years (kindergarten babies) is jumping right back in were he left off last year.  The beauty of Montessori is in a multiage setting.  This little man (who also happens to be my bestie's youngest) has dreaded coming back to school all summer.  

He has been in my room for the last two years and really wanted to just quit school now because it is simply too much work! :) but he walked in the door the first day and realized that I really needed his help this year because we have so many little kids who need help and so far so good.  He is rising to the occasion and I am so glad for it!

This baby gets filled up with ice water three times a day while I am at school.  Gotta get back into that routine.  The first 3 days of school were so crazy that it just didn't happen and my body was not happy!

Last but most definitely not least...this just happened!

We have been looking for another dog to give our Sophie girl some company and also for her to teach.  Sophie is our most fabulous golden that we rescued 6 years ago.  We know that some day she won't be here anymore and we would love for her to train another dog to be as awesome as she is.  We have gone to quite a few places this summer in search of a good Mandrell dog and today we found this sweet boy at the Animal Shelter.  So far so good.  Jackie Chan Ninja Cat isn't really sure about him and Daisy (our tabby cat) ran screaming when he came into the backyard so that might take a little bit of adjusting but on all other fronts he seems to be a really sweet baby!

Rest, relax, don't do too much school work and have a great weekend!
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