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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five for Friday...Let's get this Party Started!

I've missed y'all and here we are smack dab in the middle of Friday and I almost let it slip by!  So let's get a little Five for Friday going on!

The room is REALLY close!  I mean like super duper close and of course I can make it all come together by Wednesday at 7:30 AM!

This guy is back in my room!  
Jake the snake had to head to another classroom for all of last year.  Long story, not worth telling but he is back!  The returning kiddos are so excited that he is coming back and I can't wait to teach them all about snakes!  They are hands down the best classroom pet and let me tell you, honey, I have had to man kind!

Cute $1 store find that is going to be a great letter recognition language lesson in a skinny minute!  
Stay tuned for the finished product!

In love with my new curtains!  
Yep, I made them with Waverly fabric from WalMart that was only $3.97 a yard, thank you very much.  I also made a curtain to go above my cabinets to hide all the insanity that is my children's inheritance in the form of giant rubbermaid tubs of STUFF!

As if my bank account isn't already hemorrhaging enough, the hubs and I are here today! 

 The boys are off on adventures with friends and family and I need a thing or two more for the classroom so, ROAD TRIP!!!

That's it for today!  Sure was good to share again!  I'll be back much sooner and a Periscope is coming on Tuesday so you can see my awesome new classroom space!  Enjoy the weekend!
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