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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Five for Friday...Fraturday Edition...thanks Teeny Tiny Teacher!

It's been an amazing first full week and thank you Jesus it is over!  It was hard and there was lots of messy stuff...more than I've ever experienced in 18 years of teaching but I've decided that in the words of Elsa, I'm gonna "Let it go!"  I'm gonna do what I do best and that is teach kids and leave the rest for someone else to worry about!
So, let's get on with Five for Fraturday!

This right here is pure heaven!  In fact I am sure that there will be little glass dishes of them  on all the side tables in heaven!  What makes it even better is that a sweet parent who is also a fellow teacher in our school bought them for her child to give to me on Monday!  He was so stinking excited to give them to me and I was so stinking excited to eat a few every day.  They suprisingly made it through the week but were G.O.N.E on Friday!  
I think every week should start and end with these lovelies!

On Thursday one of my sweet babies whispered in my ear, "Mrs. Mandrell, why are your feet so broke down?"  Ummm, because I have been running like a wild crazy person for the last 4 weeks and then spent every last dime of before school money on my classroom and every last minute of spare pedicure time on my classroom and there just wasn't time for toe beautification!  

No, really I said, "Joey, you are so right!  My toes are a HOT MESS!  I'm getting a pedi this weekend!"

The important part of this story is that I never get a pedicure!  I just don't have time and more importantly don't like wasting the money but I have decided that I am going to treat myself once a month and get er done!  Ive got small punks gathered around my feet all the time and they need to see fabulous not broke down!

This amazing act of nature happened in our room this week!

 One of my kiddos (who's mama double as one of my besities) sent these in.  They are swallowtail caterpillars.  She sent in Fritillaries with her other son who is older.  This meant all sorts of cool things.  Big kids and little kids got together and compared caterpillars, made venn diagrams and talked life cycles and a lot of really good learning took place!

One of my favorite parts of Montessori is the multiage aspect but what I love even more is big people helping small people.  Our Upper Elementary kiddos have been helping us each morning as we transition into the new school year and new setting.  These two have been a great help to our kiddos and they love having them in their!  The one in red is my very own small punk!  I can hardly believe he is a 5th grader!

One of my favorite things to do is nose around junk/antique shops.  This is one in Blythewood that I have wanted to stop at forever!  We finally did today and it was well worth the stop!  Lots of good stuff!

Hope your weekend is outstanding!

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