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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Geographic Goodness!!

Be careful what you wish just might get it! :)  I use to be a crazy presenter.  I presented to teachers and kids and administrators and preservice teachers and pretty much anyone who would listen!  I presented on every topic as well.  It started with math many moons ago and then I became a language and literacy fanatic and sang that song everywhere I went and now, its Montessori!
I had the pleasure of presenting to 60ish Montessorians on Saturday afternoon at the 2014 MEPI conference in Myrtle Beach.
I came about getting to present in a funny sort of way.  I submitted a proposal because Ive felt the need for more teacher voices when I have attended Montessori Conferences so rather than complain I offered to present.  Unfortunately, I wasn't accepted but being the optimist that I am, I sent off an email and told the people in charge that I would love to present if anyone opted out.  Low and behold they needed me!  Little did I know it was the last presentation on the last day.  I figured that no one would show of little faith!  But guess what...the teachers came!  And I was a happy camper!
I spent an hour sharing everything I could cram in.  It was a geography topic but I threw in a few other tidbits as well.  It was a great crowd and I am back in love with presenting!  Stay tuned for a later post...maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow with lots of links to what I shared!  Thanks to those who were there!  You were a fabulous audience!

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