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Monday, February 17, 2014

Pantry Do-over...part one

This I So, when you spend all your time dreaming of beautifully organized kitchens and bathrooms and craft rooms.  And you spend all your spare time combing Pinterest and organization blogs for inspiration, there comes a point when you have to push back from the puter and get to work.  
I hit the spice/canned goods cupboards first.  Thi happened because of many mentions about getting the things I use most front and center.  I don't need canned goods hanging out in my prime cupboard space.  They can be moved to top shelves out of the way.  
This is a mid project shot, when I decided to document this undertaking.  The three tiered shelf is a new addition because I decide that this cupboard needed to house spices on the bottom shelf for easy access. 
I then took out all canned goods and overstock sauces, spreads, etc.
This was an eye opener.  Not only do we have a lot of back up but it's stored all over the place.  Not a good use of space nor is it a smart way to keep track of what I have and what I need.  I had cans in the pantry, the cupboards and in drawers for Pete sakes!  
Part of my pantry plan was to get my baking goods down on a lower shelf and the things we don't use (like all those canned goods) up high and out of the way.  Obviously I had a mess to start with.  So I made a plan for what I needed where and started reorganizing.
I knew that the top shelf needed wood on it so the cans didn't get all wonky on me and I knew that I needed to creat some sort of system to keep track of what is up there so that I don't lose things on that shelf.  I also decided to finally make the labels for all the things I have put into containers.  More on this in part two!  So, come back tomorrow for the finished project pictures!

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