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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A continuous work in progress

That is what my blog seems to be!  I have blogged for quite a few years but never seem to stick with it. I am so inspired by so many amazing bloggers of many different genres that I am promising myself to get it together and stick with it this go around.  I'm sure there is so much that I have to tell that you really want to hear!

So, here goes.  For the teachers out there who have spent all summer sitting by the pool sipping umbrella drinks and dreaming of a perfect class for the 2013-2014 school year you will appreciate the fact that while I did lounge once or twice and dream a few more times than that, I am now in full on back-to-school-mode!  Our classrooms were the lucky recipients of brand new carpet and linoleum this summer...which really means this week!  there are 5 classrooms in our sweet little school and we hauled everything we owned out of said classrooms (except furniture) at the end of the school year.  Those fabulous carpet guys came in and tore out the yucky carpet about 5 minutes later.  And then THEY went and sat by the pool and drank umbrella drinks all summer long!!!  Last week they completed one room and today at 3:04pm I got the call that my room was complete.  (Yes, 3 rooms are still waiting to be completed!)  Please know, my sweet little school is a colony of precious double wide trailers learning cottages.  They are small, include a bathroom and a small office.  We aren't talking a lot of space here people...yet it took ALL SUMMER! I am not a carpet installer nor do I have any experience with such endeavors but I'm thinking each room shoulda taken about 4 hours...considering 4 GROWN MEN were involved in the install!  Ok, you get the picture and hallelujah-praise-Jesus I get to start setting up my classroom!

Here is what we are looking at people


So, here I am working on a glass of wine and thanking my lucky stars that my principal pushed to have the school open tomorrow so I could get in there and get hauling!  Stay tuned

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