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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not yo Regular Teacher Stuff

I thought I'd share a little of the life stuff with you today.  Not the teacher stuff.  One of my favorite websites for a long time now has been I Heart Organizing.  It's kind of funny because I am not the worlds most organized individual but I love taking on projects that get things organized.  
Things like the mess of trinkety like things in my kitchen/office space:

Or in my classroom:
This one isn't mine (it's packed away right now) but I got the idea from this fabulous post!

Or the boys Legos: 
I know, they are missing a few labels...vinyl is in the mail!

I really am more in love with the concept of organization than anything else! :)  And with that said it would make sense that the last few months have been a disorganized chaotic mess!  There are piles all over the place and entire rooms that need to be organized and I'll be darned if I didn't stumble over to I heart Organizing and found her 4 week organizing challenge!  Perhaps a little divine intervention? :)  So, check out her challenge and watch for my progress reports for the next few weeks.

These are the big organization projects for this summer!

1.  That room affectionately known as the Christmas Closet...AKA  HOT MESS
and that's just one side people!!

2.  My car...whew

3.  My craft room...AKA CRAP room!
and this doesn't include the closet!

4.  The mess of files and papers that represent the important documented parts of our life!  No picture because these things are stashed in different places all over the house and need to find an organized central location!

So, stay tuned as I see what I can do about tackling these messes!  And maybe even win a little something in the meantime!  And don't forget to hop back over to I Heart Organizing and check out all the great projects she has going!


  1. I'm participating in the challenge too, so I thought I'd stop in and see what others are up to. Good luck as you tackle these areas. It will feel so amazing when it's organized!


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