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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Someone missing this?

So our cat Jackie Chan (yes as in the ninja warrior) is a killer. I don't like to be so blasé about such matters but it is what it is. He's killed all sorts of things and doesn't even think twice. I have mixed emotions about the carnage that occurs in our yard on a daily basis but he's a cat. What should I expect? I have watched him pluck birds from the sky, eat lizards hole, chase mice across the culdesac and dig moles up out of the ground. I do however draw the line at rabbits. They are too darned close to domesticated pets and he always grabs the babies. I've chased him down to save a bunny more than once. All of this death talk to share this picture. I came out of the house yesterday and this lone squirell tail was laying on the middle of the driveway. Call me morbid but it really cracked me up.

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