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Monday, August 6, 2012

South Carolina Basket

Oh baby have I impressed myself this time!  Don't you love it when you plan a project and aren't completely positive that you can make it happen but you believe yourself into being the awesomest you you can be and's done!  Well, I spent the last week in Montessori Cultural training and amongst the great info that I learned I added a few progects to my get-this-done-before-school-starts list.  Needless to say it has gotten rather lengthy!  A big aspect of Montessori life is teaching children about the world around them and in doing so we explore the continents and the state we live in and space, etc.  So, a South Carolina basket was in order.  I started one last year but was hanging on for dear life most of the year so never really completed it.  Not this year baby!  I have my awesome basket and goodies going in left and right...Ill share that tomorrow because it is at school but I also wanted to make this awesome puzzle of the state.  My teacher had no idea where she got it so I called the hubs and asked if we still had the scroll saw and sure enough it was tucked away and covered with dust.  I bought myself a can of yellow spray paint and printed out a pic of the outline of South Carolina and then went to work.  The actual size is only about 6.5 wide by 4.5 tall.  Perfect size for little hands.  I printed the state outline

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