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Friday, July 27, 2012

Desk Organizer

The fabulous teacher over at shared this awesome post about how she transformed a hardware store drawer thingy into every teachers dream desk organizer. She was even kind enough to link the document to make your own labels!! How awesome it is that we teachers share! Well, I loved it and went to town making one and wanted to share a few things I did to make this baby last.
First off, I changed a few of the labels to make it work for me. Again, in all her awesomeness,* *** realized that we might store different things and gave us an option that we could edit.
Then I printed. Now we all know that this isn't just about organizing... It's about CUTE too! ;) So, I had to print the file a few times on different colors to have a good selection of labels that I could then lay out in a visually pleasing manner before committing them to the drawer fronts!
When considering how to keep these babies on the drawers I went to my scrapbook stash and got out the spray adhesive and glued every last one on. I then decided that was a terrible idea because 1. They were all a tad too big. 2. They had nothing to protect the front of them and 3. They didn't seem to stick as well as I had planned. PSA #87: don't try this project on the living room floor. Carpet gets a little tacky when it gets spray adhesive on it. Crazy, I know!
So, I tore them all off. Salvaged most of them and decided to trim them a tad and laminate them first. Out came my handy dandy personal laminator. Yes, it is totally worth the whopping $24.99 at Target!
I laminated all the little labels and then cut them out (right to the edge ladies) and went back to my scrapbook stash for another adhesive option. This time I ran them through my xyron machine. Perfection!
Nothing gets something quite as sticky as the Xyron!
I will likely throw a little cutsie on some of the drawers but this thing is ready to find a spot in my school office!

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