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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here We Go Again

So, if you can't tell from the length of time between posts this first year back was a hit-the-ground-running-and-hang-on-tight kind of year! It was truly a whirl wind of joy and learning and laughter and more learning. I posted on Facebook no less than 10 times thought the year about how much I love my job! I am truly right back where I belong!
Now, my intention for this blog when I started it 4 years ago was to make a place for teacher dialogue because we really don't have a place for that but it has occurred to me after this past year that we really do. We talk in the hallways, at girls night, on Facebook, to friends... We have many outlets to talk. What we always want more of is ideas! I have managed to waste the majority of my first two weeks of Summer break gleaning valuable information from all you brilliant teachers out there sharing your wealth of knowledge on blogs, Facebook, TpT, etc and I am LOVING all that I am learning! Of course I am accomplishing nothing but I sure am gathering a lot! ;)
It has made me realize that after 17 years of teaching I may have a thing or two to share as well! I how you will find things that help you, inspire you, make you laugh and remind you that teaching is all about the fun of it!
PS. I won the mouse battle! They didn't come back! ;)

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