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Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22nd!

Color, oh glorious color! I'm finally going to do it! I was inspired by Donna Downey's studio make over and decided to finish making my spot...well...finished. I painted a long time ago and loved the color and then screwed it up by not buying enough paint and then somehow throwing away the can and then needing touch up spots and trying to match it and that not working and then living with spots all over that were a shade different...I know it is a sad, sad I moved my entire operation upstairs to the only empty room. Well, it wasn't technically empty at the was the kids playroom. But they really didn't need it and I REALLY did! Fresh walls (that I never painted)...oh the possibilities! Well, 8 months later I am on the move again...back down to my original spot with new paint and a desire to get all toys back into one spot in our house! So I have decided on Mystic Sea and Gentle Wave from Lowe's and I am doing something similar to what she did in her room. Love the 2 color combo so I am going for it! Stay tuned for more pics as this job needs to be done lickety split!

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