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Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21st!

Ok, so maybe I like running a little more than I thought! I signed up to do some Turkey run on Thanksgiving morning that is an 8K. That will be my furthest race steps to the half marathon I want to do! So anyway I get out there and start running this morning and I already have a plan for where I am going and what I am doing and it doesn't take long and I am in the running groove (yeah, I have a groove now) and all the sudden I see this little guy coming toward me. (Now when I say little guy I don't mean a 9 year old running around out there I mean a full grown man who just happened to be of small stature.) So he is running towards me on the other side of the road and doesn't bother to look up to give the runner's wave and smile (yeah, we have one of those) he just runs on. Well, we are on a circle so I'm thinking I will pass him again at some point. Low and behold I run another half mile and there he is about 100 yards ahead of me running on the opposite side of the road from me but in the same direction! Game on! I pick up the pace until I catch him and then leisurely speed like lightning by him. Go Runner Chick, Go! Today was my farthest and fastest run! Amazing what a little competition can do for a girl! :)

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