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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Ready!

Ok, so tomorrow is the big day...well, it really isn't the "big one" cuz the 9 b-days are really just a year of prep for the 0 birthdays but it is a birthday and it is my birthday so it will be big in my mind if no one elses. So, I got this crazy idea from another blogger...I'll find out where shortly... to keep track of each day of my 39th year. Every day on the trek to 40. Whew, I am almost 40! Anywho, I also have tried the 365 pictures for the last few years. That has gone over...ok. So, I am thinking that this year is kind of important...not really sure why but what the heck, we'll call it important. This other blogger that I stole the idea from (well, not really cuz I did email and ask her first)documented her days to 30 by posting an entry each day about someone who had affected her life in some way. Pretty cool that she knows 365 people! I probably know that many people but am just too lazy to write down their names so I am taking another approach. I am going to take a picture a day of whatever strikes my fancy and I will post it here and write a little sumpin' sumpin' about it. I know at this point you can hardly stand the anticipation and probably won't sleep tonight waiting and wondering what tomorrow's picture will be but you'll just have to be patient! Feel free to join me on this year long journey! It'll be great fun and maybe we can scrap it at the end! Cheers!

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