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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Dream Comes to Life?

Guess I best get moving if I am going to reach the 10 a month goal...

For quite some time now (at least 10 years) I have dreamed of opening a scrapbook store. I have squirreled away ideas and pictures and names and wished that I could just do it. Well, here I am wishing again and what better time than now since I am currently unemployed? So, I am getting more serious about it than ever before and we will see what happens. Yeah, I know, the economy stinks but people still scrapbook and it ain't gonna be bad forever! In case you (my 3 readers) are worried, check out my career horoscope for 2009. (Those of you who know me well, know how hysterical it is that I of all people am turning to astrology for advice! :))

10/23 – 11/21
Year 2009 Career
Your creativity, self-confidence and assertiveness boost your career. Your abundant energy flows freely and cultivates compassion among your co-workers, as they are drawn to your more sympathetic side. You will have no problem being clear in your thinking, and you are able to balance out extremes in the workplace.

As a Scorpio, you crave being in control and maintaining your position of authority. This year, you become more observant of the way you express yourself, and in that awareness, you will accelerate your own career success -- and satisfaction. Your great energy works as an example and helps others transform.

This is also a great year for you to sort out which aspects of yourself to keep and which aspects of your personality no longer serve you. You will arrive at a new realization of how you affect others. In the fall, opportunities arise that call for greater responsibility and commitment, and your confidence helps you accomplish everything you set out to do. You may think you have to concentrate for hours on how to improve yourself, but you really need to do is trust that what you are bringing to the world has value and meaning. One of the major lessons for you this year is learning how to appreciate your own originality and resourcefulness.

Stay tuned for news of the Digi Scrap Shack!

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