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Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok, so maybe the whole 10 post goal was a bit ridiculous but I can still make it if I post every day until the end of the month. I can do will be great documentation of the crazy journey that I have embarked on. I am FINALLY following my dream of opening a scrapbook store! Wanted to do it for almost forever (or at least 10 years) and now the time has come. Really, I don't have a job and nothing on the radar so why not!?!? :) I know, there are many reasons why not but there are just as many reasons to so I am going for it! After many name changes and variations I have decided on Scrappin' Creations. It is catchy and covers a whole lot scrappy things. Paper, digital, altered projects...anything scrappy! I have a great place on the main drag in town and a Michael's directly across the street and great family and friends who are going to help me get it ready to go!'s to dreams come true! Maybe now you will see a scrapbook related item posted once in a while! :)

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