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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Same in Any Language

Just returned from our Santa/Parental Christmas Disney World Extravaganza...whew, just worn out thinking about it! Lots to tell but the most important thing to me was that even after all these years (I've been going to Dinsey now for 32 years) the one thing that has always charmed me and did even more so this time was the rich diversity of people. Every language, every accent, every color, every look could be seen as we ventured from park to park. Love the beauty of our rich world! This was my first visit as a Mom and one of the things that I found most interesting, amusing and downright comforting is that regardless of the country you are from or the language you speak, "Mom" is spoken everywhere with the same look. I saw it over and over, even when I didn't understand a word coming out of the mouth - the look was there. I had to give it a few times and lucky for me Henry and his trusty camera caught it! More on Disney escapades later!

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