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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a new chapter

Well, I am embarking on a new career and whew...what a ride! the best part is that I started the job on July 14th and it is a regional job that allows me to travel. As a result I had to jet off for 10 days starting on the 16th. the coolest part of all was that the trael took me on a whirlwind from Columbia to Baton Rouge to Seattle to Las Vegas. That included a stop in 9 airports...yep the newbie didn't pay attention to how many layovers each flight had...ARRGGHHHHH! The Seattle leg of the trip was for my family reunion on Mom's side. WOW! What an amazing bunch 'o family i have! There must have been 50 people there and it was so great. My Mom is the youngest of 5 so the familiy is quite large and came from all over the globe. How great to be connected to so many people!

As if that wasn't enough family I then got to jet across town to Olympia and spend the night with my most favoirte Aunt and Uncel and just becuase I'm so darn lucky my cousins Tim and Suzzane were also there so life is good! Connections all over the place. I can pick up where I left of fwith them 10 years ago and we just go right on. I have a brand new little 2nd cousin Ryann and of course I got to meet the sweet Princess Madison AKA big sister. It was so great to see you all!

And then it was on to Vegas...bright lights, DIRTY city! I was really surpised by how dirty the city was. I haven't been there since I was 10 years old but yikes, pick up the trash! The highlight of that trip was seeing my Dad and Step Mom. It has been quite a while but what fun. We ate incredible food, caught a close up glimpse of Hulk Hogan and hit the slots. What great fun that was.

So, now here I am a REgional Language Arts Consultant for a major publishing company. I fly around talking with teachers about how to use the materials their schools have purchased. So far I enjoy the work and th travel isn't even that bad. The people are awesome and I have almost got my home office all set up. One thing that I am keeping a close eye on is airport restrooms. Stay tuned for more info on that front.

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