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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun Stuff...

(this was typed a few weeks ago - July 12th - but I didn't post it)
WOOWEEE! 2 posts in one day! Can't believe it but I just had to share some fun stuff. Every year for the last 9 years a group of friends (me included) travel to Edisto Beach, South Carolina for what we have dubbed Stamp Camp. Our numbers have changed each year but three of us have gone every year...we have even snuck in a few extra Stamp Camps here and there. Anywhoo, this year was super as always! One of our original members joined us and of course kept us entertained the whole time. Now let me just say that this is the true stamp, scrap, eat from dawn until midnight sorta deal. We move away from the table now and then and we did make a trip to Beaufort to our favorite scrapbook store, Carolina Stamper. Service is great, supplies are endless and we always get great stuff!

This is such a great group of friends that I met when I started teaching 15 years ago. They were all not far from retirement when I was just starting out but they welcomed me right in and have always been special ladies to me! It is so funny how predictable we all are. Sally, our fabulous hostess always has our room all ready with paper cutters set up, the dinning room table covered with butcher paper and little bowls of GORP ready to devour. She works non stop creating cards. She is a speed demon when it comes to mass card production. She finds a style she likes, makes one and then goes to town. The other Sally, who only gets to visit every few years worked her tail off this year and these adorable scrapbooks for her granddaughters and one for her son who is in the military...there was also a cheese card made on the Cricut but we won't discuss that. :) And then there is Sue. She dabbles back and forth between these amazing card creations and scrapbook pages of her darling grandson. She just has a knack for making everything beautiful! Last but not least there is me...the one that got the whole thing started way back then I was selling SU! and thought everyone needed to buy some. Teachers that they were they did and the habit began! As the years have gone by we have moved more towards paper crafting and away from stamping but we seem to do a little bit of everything. It is a true blessing to have friends like this and what a blast to look forward to Stamp Camp each year!

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