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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I told you so!

Why is it that my husband always seems to be right? A few years ago he built me this beautiful island for our kitchen. When we moved he thought the island would stay at our old house...HA! It came with. It has been my work area for scrapbooking and has been perfect! Well, the new job has caused a lot of rearranging in our house and my scrapbook room has moved upstairs. Yeah! for all because it looked like a heap-o-mess here in the front room of the house. Anyways, I was just sure that we could move the 250+ pound island upstairs...and here is where the husband rightness comes in....he was sure that we couldn't. He was sure first that someone would get hurt and second that it would not fit around the bend of the stairs. After a few weeks of fussing about it he finally agreed to give it a try. So the two of us got it about half way up with the help of a dolly and couldn't make the turn and it was crazy heavy and we brought it right back to the same room it was in and it will stay there.

And what is my prize for not listening? PLEURISY! Yep, you got it...fluid on my left lung. Can't lift, can't breath, CAN'T LAUGH without extreme pain! Who knew that pleurisy comes from trauma just as fast as it does from pneumonia! ARRGGHHH...couldn't he have been wrong this one time!?!?!

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