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Friday, April 4, 2008

what a life

wow! what a life! it really is pretty darn good and when i think of all the things that people go through every day i really can't complain but...just for a minute let me tell you about this new phase of my life that includes caring for my mom in law. i relay wish there could have been video footage of her doctors visit (that included the 2 1/2 and 8 year old). we were all doing alright for the first 50 minutes in the waiting room and then it was like a little bug flew through the air and bit all three of them and all @#%^$&*(* broke loose. i calmly looked at the receptionist and asked her how long did you expect two kids and a 75 year old lady with Alzheimer's to last? You can only imagine what happened when we got back to the doctor that we were seeing for the first time because I was in dire need of a medical professional to dialogue with about her condition. In a nutshell the boys were wrestling, she was swearing like a sailor, i was shooting questions at the dr. like nobodies business and the nurses were standing outside the door laughing. WHOO HOO what a day! needless to say we are all back home and settled but i am coming to realize that this might just be God's way of answering my life long prayer for funny that guy is!

stay tuned later today...i'm working on a blog idea for teachers...cuz i am so darned good at keeping up with this one! :D


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