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Friday, January 4, 2008

it IS easy being green!

I have a confession to make. Although I love the great outdoors and have a deep respect for our beautiful planet and thank God every day that He lets me live here I am not as earth friendly as i could be. Now don't get me wrong. I recycle, and I have taught my kids since they were very small to always pick up liter when we see it. I try not to create too much extra garbage and even considered using cloth diapers when my 8 year old was born but there is always more to do. I had the luxury of watching Oprah today and what a great day to watch! It was all about GOING GREEN! While there are a lot of diehards out there who are much more conscientious than I am, I heard some great ideas that are so doable right now today in the busy life I lead so I am going for it.

Here are my favorites:
change a light bulb - change your bulbs to these and you will not only see a huge change in your energy bill but it makes a difference to the environment
use one less napkin a day - the average person uses 6 paper napkins a day if you gave up just one napkin it would save a billion pounds of paper waste which of course means trees! You could even get really crazy and go to cloth napkins!
use cloth bags to get groceries - this is a tough one for me as I grocery shop once a week and come home with about 12-15 bags but I am thinking that i can make the cloth produce bag work...every little bit helps!
use enviro friendly cleaners - Method Home (sound familiar - it's at Target!), Seventh Generation Products and Shaklee,
use smart power strips - this is pretty amazing...even when your stuff is all turned off it is still dragging power out of the outlet. these strips stop that from happening.

and to find out more about what YOU can do to make a difference check these sites and sources!
The Green Book
The Green (show on tv)

It IS easy being green!

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