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Friday, December 28, 2007

grab a good book!

I am a reader. Had you asked me about 10 years ago if I liked to read I would have said not really, not enough time but then I got involved with education work that got me all wrapped up in learning how kids read and write. The more I got involved the more excited I got about my own life as a reader and a writer and the connection between the two and as a result I always have a book handy. Usually I have quite a few going and that doesn't include the picture books read every night (well almost every night) to my boys. So here is what I am reading right now...
Ali Edwards new book Life Artist that I got for Christmas...WHOOPEE! What a great inspiration she is for art and for life..go figure! I am also reading another Christmas treasure...Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire by Rafe Esquith. If you are a teacher you probably need a shot in the arm so buy it...if you aren't a teacher you probably know one who needs a shot in the arm so buy it, read it and then pass it on. I am also working on the sequel to Stargirl, Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I am always reading a young adult novel because there are so many good lessons to be learned and so many great YA authors out there! Spinelli is one of my absolute favorites and Stargirl is an amazing teenage girl that we could all learn a little about being true to yourself from. Last but not least I am sneaking a peak at a book my hubby is reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Lutrell. It is a Navy Seal's story from 2005. Amazing read.
So, if you have a little time over the holidays or what is left of them head to the library or Amazon or wherever you like to get books and check some of these out! If you have any must reads of your own, please share!

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